.bitmap is a file auto-generated and managed by Bit in the Workspace for mapping each component to its corresponding directory in the project's file system. The .bitmap file is meant to be tracked and committed to the VCS repository (Git/Mercurial).

An example .bitmap file can be found in this example project.


Please note, the .bitmap file should not be manually changed by developers. Bit commands related to controlling the Workspace - such as bit add, bit remove, bit create, among others - take care of managing and updating .bitmap.

Component entry

A Component entry in the .bitmap file is mapping a single component to is corresponding directory in the workspace file system.

For example:

  "ui/avatar": {
    "scope": "deepblue.people",
    "version": "1.0.4",
    "mainFile": "index.ts",
    "rootDir": "people/ui/avatar"
  • scope / Scope owning the component.
  • version / Current component version.
  • mainFile / Component's main File
  • rootDir / The Component](/components/component-overview) root directory in the workspace file system.

Schema Version

.bitmap files include a $schema-version property for Bit to be able to recognize potential breaking changes between developers using different Bit versions.

  // ...
  "$schema-version": "14.9.0"