Create an immutable and exportable component snapshot, tagged with a release version.
$bit tag [component-patterns...]
$bit t [component-patterns...]
Additional Notes
if no patterns are provided, it will tag all new and modified components. if patterns are entered, you can specify a version per pattern using "@" sign, e.g. bit tag foo@1.0.0 bar@minor baz@major


component-patterns...component name, component id, or component pattern. use component pattern to select multiple components. wrap the pattern with quotes. use comma to separate patterns and "!" to exclude. e.g. "ui/**, !ui/button". use `bit pattern --help` to understand patterns better and `bit pattern <pattern>` to validate the pattern.. By default, all new and modified are tagged.


OptionOption AliasDescriptionValue Type
--message-ma log message describing latest changesstring
--unmodified-uinclude unmodified components (by default, only new and modified components are tagged)boolean
--editor-open an editor to write a tag message for each component. optionally, specify the editor-name (defaults to vim).string
--ver-vtag with the given versionstring
--increment-loptions are: [major, premajor, minor, preminor, patch, prepatch, prerelease], default to patchstring
--prerelease-id-prerelease identifier (e.g. "dev" to get "1.0.0-dev.1")string
--patch-psyntactic sugar for "--increment patch"boolean
--minor-syntactic sugar for "--increment minor"boolean
--major-syntactic sugar for "--increment major"boolean
--pre-release-syntactic sugar for "--increment prerelease" and `--prerelease-id <identifier>`string
--snapped-tag only components whose head is a snap (not a tag)boolean
--unmerged-complete a merge process by tagging the unmerged componentsboolean
--skip-tests-skip running component tests during tag processboolean
--skip-auto-tag-skip auto tagging dependentsboolean
--soft-do not persist. only keep note of the changes to be madeboolean
--persist-persist the changes generated by --soft tag. by default, run the build pipeline, unless "skip-build" is providedstring
--disable-tag-pipeline-skip the tag pipeline to avoid publishing the componentsboolean
--force-deploy-DEPRECATED. use --ignore-build-error insteadboolean
--ignore-build-errors-proceed to tag pipeline even when build pipeline failsboolean
--rebuild-deps-graph-do not reuse the saved dependencies graph, instead build it from scratchboolean
--increment-by-(default to 1) increment semver flag (patch/minor/major) by. e.g. incrementing patch by 2: 0.0.1 -> 0.0.3.string
--ignore-issues-iignore component issues (shown in "bit status" as "issues found"), issues to ignore: [MissingPackagesDependenciesOnFs, MissingManuallyConfiguredPackages, UntrackedDependencies, ResolveErrors, RelativeComponents, RelativeComponentsAuthored, ParseErrors, MissingDists, LegacyInsideHarmony, MissingDependenciesOnFs, ImportNonMainFiles, MultipleEnvs, MissingLinksFromNodeModulesToSrc, CircularDependencies, DuplicateComponentAndPackage, MergeConfigHasConflict, NonLoadedEnv, ExternalEnvWithoutVersion, RemovedDependencies] to ignore multiple issues, separate them by a comma and wrap with quotes. to ignore all issues, specify "*".string
--ignore-newest-version-Iallow tagging even when the component has newer versions e.g. for hotfixes (default = false)boolean
--fail-fast-stop pipeline execution on the first failed task (by default a task is skipped only when its dependency failed)boolean
--build-blocally run the build pipeline (i.e. not via rippleCI) and complete the tagboolean
--all-aDEPRECATED (not needed anymore, it is the default now). tag all new and modified componentsstring
--scope-sDEPRECATED (use "--unmodified" instead). tag all components of the local scopestring
--force-fDEPRECATED (use "--skip-tests", "--ignore-build-errors" or "--unmodified" instead). force-tag even if tests are failing and even when component has not changedboolean
--disable-deploy-pipeline-DEPRECATED. use --disable-tag-pipeline insteadboolean