Testing during Development

During development, the Tester optimizes for dev experience and performance. It tests modified components, in isolation, to help tackle issues quickly during development.

bit test allows testing components in the workspace. Each component is tested im isolation with its configured tester as defined in the development env.

bit test
testing total of 6 components in workspace 'docs-examples'
testing 5 components with environment company.scope/envs/my-react@b28b35cee4c99abcf304f746b9fadf94cfef4538

 PASS  demo/pages/welcome/welcome.spec.tsx
 PASS  demo/pages/welcome/welcome.spec.tsx
 PASS  demo/ui/heading/heading.spec.tsx
 PASS  demo/ui/card/card.spec.tsx
 PASS  scope/ui/button/button.spec.tsx
 PASS  demo/ui/text/text.spec.tsx

Test Suites: 6 passed, 6 total
Tests:       23 passed, 23 total
Snapshots:   0 total
Time:        8.627 s
Ran all test suites.
tested 6 components in 13.342 seconds.

Watch for changes and retest

Watching for component changes is done using the --watch flag.

bit test --watch

Testing UI

Bit saves the test results and standarizes them to a single format, regardless of the specific test runner used. It provides a single, standard UI for testing components during development, with live updates.

Bit watches for re-runs tests by default when starting the workspace UI.

bit start

Stopping the Tester from watching changes on bit start can be done using the watchOnStart config.