External Dependencies

External dependencies are components or packages that are installed and resolved from the node_modules directory. These dependencies are listed in the components' dependency config and the workspace dependency policy. In contrary to workspace component links', these dependencies are not linked to any component maintained in that workspace.

Use the bit install command to install all external dependencies.

// Read the dependency policies and install any missing package, accordingly
bit install
// Install @teambit/base-ui.button and add it to the workspaces dependency policy
bit install @teambit/base-ui.button

The installation process is done by the package manager configured in the Dependency Resolver. Transitive dependencies (the dependencies of dependencies, and so on) are installed as well.

Package dependencies

Packages dependencies can be installed from the NPM registry or from any other custom registry configured to your .npmrc file.

Component dependencies

Components are installed as standard packages. Bit identifies them by using the componentId property on the component's package.json file.

  "name": "@teambit/base-ui.button",
  "componentId": "teambit.base-ui/button"