Config files

Global files

To get a list of all global files used by Bit:

bit globals
Global Dir        ~/Library/Caches/Bit
Log file          ~/Library/Caches/Bit/logs/debug.log
Global Scope Dir  ~/Library/Caches/Bit/scope
Config Dir        ~/Library/Caches/Bit/config

To change the global directory, set the BIT_GLOBALS_DIR env variable with a new path.

export BIT_GLOBALS_DIR=new-path/to/global-variable

Alternatively, you can temporarily use a different value for a command:

BIT_GLOBALS_DIR=new-path/to/global-variable bit init

Bit config

Bit's (global) configuration is registered in the ~/Library/Caches/Bit/config/config.json file.

Learn more about it here

npm config.npmrc

npm's configuration (read by most package managers, as well).

  • per-project config file /path/to/my/project/.npmrc
  • per-user config file ~/.npmrc
  • global config file $PREFIX/etc/npmrc
  • npm builtin config file /path/to/npm/npmrc

See here to learn how to configure scoped registries.