Create a new workspace from a template
$bit new <template-name> <workspace-name>


template-namethe name of the workspace template (run 'bit templates' outside of a workspace to get a list of available workspace templates)
workspace-namethe name for the new workspace and workspace directory that will be created


OptionOption AliasDescriptionValue Type
--aspect-aid of the aspect that registered the template, mandatory for non-core aspects. helpful for core aspects in case of a name collisionstring
--template-tenv-id of the template's owner. Alias for --env.string
--env-env-id of the template. Alias -tstring
--default-scope-dset defaultScope in the new workspace's workspace.jsoncstring
--standalone-DEPRECATED. use --skip-git insteadboolean
--skip-git-sskip generation of Git repository in the new workspaceboolean
--empty-eskip template's default component creation (relevant for templates that add components by default)boolean
--load-from-local path to the workspace containing the template. Helpful during a development of a workspace-templatestring
--current-dir-ccreate the new workspace in current directory (default is to create a new directory, inside the current dir)boolean