Installs workspace dependencies
$bit install [packages...]
$bit in [packages...]
Additional Notes
when no package is specified, all workspace dependencies are installed and all workspace components are imported.


packages...a list of packages to install (separated by spaces)


OptionOption AliasDescriptionValue Type
--type-t"runtime" (default) or "peer" (dev is not a valid option)string
--update-uupdate all dependencies to latest version according to their semver rangeboolean
--update-existing-DEPRECATED (not needed anymore, it is the default now). update existing dependencies version and typesboolean
--save-prefix-set the prefix to use when adding dependency to workspace.jsoncstring
--skip-dedupe-do not dedupe dependencies on installationboolean
--skip-import-do not import bit objects post installationboolean
--skip-compile-do not compile componentsboolean
--skip-write-config-files-do not write config files (such as eslint, tsconfig, prettier, etc...)boolean
--add-missing-deps-ainstall all missing dependenciesboolean
--add-missing-peers-install all missing peer dependenciesboolean
--recurring-install-automatically run install again if there are non loaded old envs in your workspaceboolean
--no-optional-do not install optional dependencies (works with pnpm only)string
--lockfile-only-dependencies are not written to node_modules. Only the lockfile is updatedboolean