Create or reinitialize an empty workspace
$bit init [path]


OptionOption AliasDescriptionValue Type
--bare-binitialize an empty bit bare scopestring
--shared-sadd group write permissions to a scope properlystring
--standalone-Tdo not nest component store within .git directory and do not write config data inside package.jsonboolean
--reset-rwrite missing or damaged Bit filesboolean
--reset-new-reset .bitmap file as if the components were newly added and remove all model data (objects)boolean
--reset-lane-new-same as reset-new, but it only resets components belong to lanes. main components are left intactboolean
--reset-hard-delete all Bit files and directories, including Bit configuration, tracking and model data. Useful for re-starting workspace from scratchboolean
--reset-scope-removes local scope (.bit or .git/bit). tags/snaps that have not been exported will be lost. workspace is left intactboolean
--default-directory-dset the default directory pattern to import/create components intostring
--default-scope-set the default scope for components in the workspacestring
--package-manager-pset the package manager (npm or yarn) to be used in the workspacestring
--force-fforce workspace initialization without clearing local objectsboolean
--harmony-DEPRECATED. no need for this flag. Harmony is the default nowboolean
--interactive-IEXPERIMENTAL. start an interactive processboolean