Create a new component (source files and config) using a template.
$bit create <template-name> <component-names...>


template-namethe template for generating the component (run 'bit templates' for a list of available templates)
component-names...a list of component names to generate


OptionOption AliasDescriptionValue Type
--namespace-nsets the component's namespace and nested dirs inside the scopestring
--scope-ssets the component's scope-name. if not entered, the default-scope will be usedstring
--aspect-aaspect-id of the template. helpful when multiple aspects use the same template namestring
--template-tenv-id of the template. alias for --aspect.string
--path-prelative path in the workspace. by default the path is `<scope>/<namespace>/<name>`string
--env-eset the component's environment. (overrides the env from variants and the template)string