React Microfrontends

Bit is a build system for composable software, and therefore native to concepts like Microfronends, which promotes the composability of your software.

You can create a new Microfrontend by creating a new React component:


You can use the component in your app in using its package name in your workspace:

import { Cart } from '@my-org/ecommerce.cart';

Bit Components can be previewed using the Workspace UI, or linked to other projects during development.

Components are automatically packaged upon release, you can use the components in build time using every standard package manager:

$pnpm i @my-org/ecommerce.cart

Updates for components are automated using Ripple CI. Using components at build time allows for optimial control and optimization of your application performance.

If needed, you can deploy your components independently, using variaty of officially supported consumption methods:

Build your own MFE appraoch

Alternatively you can build your own application type using the tools of your choice.

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