Intro to Bit

Bit is a build system for composable software. It makes the composition of applications from independently versioned components seamless and fast.

The core innovation of Bit is the Bit Component, a container for composable software components. You can think about it as a next-generation package. It is extensible, portable and seamless to maintain.

People often use Bit to run a Monorepo, a Polyrepo or Distributed architecture.

Bit is designed for incremental adoption, and can be added to most codebases in few minutes.

Try it yourself!

Run the following to install Bit:

$npx @teambit/bvm install

Get started with Bit on a new basic workspace. Alternatively choose one of our official workspace starters:


Get started

Choose your tech stack

Start on an existing project

You can add Bit to your existing monorepos or projects and start creating components.


Start from variaty of guides for your specific tools.

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