Create Dev Environments

Dev environments combine common tasks such as compiling, testing, linting, preview and cenralizes all configuration files in a single resuable component you can set on your components.

Common files you would usaully find in your development environments are tsconfig.json, webpack.config.js, jest.config.js, eslintrc and other similar files.

You can start with our official guides for composing our official env and creating your own:

Using dev environments

It is recommended to base on your components on your own env, but you can also simply use one of our environments:

bit env set bitdev.node/node

To learn more on using and configuring development envs on your components, head to Setting envs

Compose your own dev environment

It is usually recommended to base your dev environments on the Node environments, and customize or replace services as you need. To create a NodeJS environment, run the following command:

bit create node-env envs/my-node-env

You can find more information on building env services, in our reference Build & Extend guides. Otherwise, If from a reason and you are looking to build a custom env from scratch, see our guide for Building an env.

Contribute your env

Have you built an env the community can use? Please post on the Bit Community and we will share with the entire community!

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