Install Bit

Run the following to install Bit:

$npx @teambit/bvm install

For installation troubleshooting, see BVM troubleshooting.

Bit was designed for gradual adoption. It is agnostic to how you structure your project, it conforms to the current dev community standards, and it has a minimal footprint. You can choose to create a new project or add Bit to an existing one.

Initialize Bit on a folder with the following command:


You can start by creating your first components or head to one of our quick start for examples. Head to Setup editor to ensure your editor is setup for the next steps.

Start from existing projects

For more specific guides for starting from existing projects in different tech stack and tools head to our start from existing project guides.

Update Bit

Run the following to update Bit to the latest version:

$npx @teambit/bvm upgrade

CLI autocomplete

You can setup the CLI autocomplete using the bit autocomplete command:

bit completion >> ~/.zshrc

What's next