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Bit is a standard infrastructure for components. It's everything your teams need to enjoy autonomous development, faster releases, effortless consistency, and collaboration at scale. Try it out for free.


Join the world's best teams on the enterprise component cloud

Empower teams in your organization with a component hub where all teams can easily share, discover, and integrate each other's features to increase delivery and drive rapid innovation.

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Trusted by over 200,000 developers

“I just saw a demo of how my current company's front-end team is using Bit to manage React components, and it's super-cool.”
C J Silverio
Principal Engineer, Eaze.
Former NPM CTO
“I just found out about Bit and holy cow that's a cool product”
Kat Marchan
Senior Engineer, Microsoft.
Former NPM architect
“Bit with module federation is next-level awesome… going to make micro-frontends development a dream”
Zack Jackson
Author of Module Federation

Split app development to independent components and teams

Say goodbye to monolithic app development, and hello to modular applications composed from features built by autonomous teams working side by side.


Develop and compose components in your workspace

Spawn Bit's workspace to seamlessly turn our project into a powerful monorepo where you can easily add, remove, and compose components to build apps.

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Easily version components and update dependencies

Enjoy simple yet scalable semantic versioning per component, with smart automatic dependency definitions and management.

smart versioning

Develop, build, and test with reusable dev environments

Enjoy reusable and highly customizable dev environments for components, to speed up and standardize development across teams and apps.

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Enjoy an effortless, scalable monorepo dev experience

Bit brings you the benefits of highly modular and distributed development, with a simple holistic dev experience that makes development fun!

goodbye conf files

Host and reuse components in the cloud.
Max dev speed and consistency.

Build better together with a reusable component marketplace for your organization. Collaborate and integrate to speed up delivery.

Enjoy a world-class package registry, or bring your own

Install components directly from the bit.dev registry using your favorite package manager, or bring your own registry or Artifactory. Your choice.

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Integrate components in build-time or runtime, it's your choice

Bit gives you control over which components should be integrated in build-time and which in runtime, to avoid complexity and max performance.

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Standardize development across teams and projects

Connect all teams and projects with your component system to make sure your entire organization builds and ships together the same way.

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Drive collaboration and adoption for components

Bit makes it easy to create, adopt, and collaborate on components. Democratize innovation and empower product teams to build together.

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What are you waiting for? Let us show you

We help the world's best teams build and ship modern apps better together. Let us show you what Bit can do for you.

Continuously release and integrate component updates. Innovate more.

Bit empowers teams to deliver more often and faster to production while making sure all applications and teams are updated in perfect sync and harmony.

Rapidly release component upgrades, hotfixes, or rollbacks

Deliver updates fast and fearlessly multiple times a day with decoupled component versions and release pipelines. Ship changes to many apps in a click.

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Build and test all impacted components, nothing else

Bit's component-driven CI propogates changes to all impacted components, in all your apps, and nothing else. Result: 10x faster builds, and bulletproof updates.

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Automatically create PRs to impacted GitHub projects

Connect Bit with GitHub to get automatic PRs for every new component update. Effortlessly keep dependant projects up to date, and track adoption.

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Keep everyone in the loop with automatic Slack updates

Connect your team to Slack to get automatic updates on important stuff like new component versions. Create relevant discussions with instant feedback.

components community

Effortlessly document,
organize and discover components

Forget about maintaining additional docs, websites, wikis, and tools. Bit makes sure every single component is documented, organized and discoverable at any scale.

The most advanced component explorer ever

Looking for a React button component with up to 30kb bundle-size, styled with styled-components, and tested with Jest? Easy, just hit "search".

components search

Write code, generate stunning docs

With Bit, you can focus on writing code and watch how every component’s documentation is generated, updated and maintained automatically. Have a coffee.

generated docs

Play with examples hands-on

The best way to experience a component is to try it hands-on. Bit’s hot-reloading playground lets you quickly learn how components work and save examples.


Autonomous teams working side by side.
Build everything like microservices.

Enable teams to develop features independently in decoupled codebases, exposing expandable APIs and continuously integrating with each other. Miro Frontends? Try Micro Everything.

teams breakdown
Decoupled codebases

Develop components and build features in simple, decoupled codebases.

Autonomous teams

Empower product teams to build and ship component APIs to everyone.

Build-time integrations

Continuously integrate and compose applications without complexity.

Join the community

Join over 200,000 developers around the world to share and build components together. Enjoy the world’s largest open-source component community with over 60,000 components and growing. Come join us.

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Great news! We just published our first Stratos components to http://bit.dev!

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Build software like Lego with this smart new developer tool.

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Bit, a distributed virtual component repository for projects built in a modular way.

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