10 Amazing Things You Can Build with Bit

eden-e1 month ago

Bit offers a wide range of functionalities, with the most notable being:

  1. Developers can maintain, version, and share components independently of their Git repositories or project-level build setups. This allows components to be reused and updated without being tied to a specific project or configuration, promoting modularity and reusability across different projects.
  2. Bit streamlines dependency configuration for each component through auto-dependency detection and smart dependency resolution.
  3. Bit drives a CI process that traverses the dependents graph of a modified component. This ensures that any changes in a component also trigger modifications, testing, and rebuilding of all dependent components, maintaining the integrity and functionality of the entire system.

As impressive as these capabilities are, it's not always obvious when Bit should be utilized. To answer that, here's a list with a few use cases where Bit shines the most.

1. Publish Multiple Packages

Publish multiple packages to Bit Platform, NPM registry, or any other registry.

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Auto-dependency detection. No need for manual package.json config

A build that properly handles package inter-dependencies

Components are tested in isolation for reliable results

Excellent DevX with type-support and auto-completion


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2. Design Systems

Build composable and extensible design systems that gain visibility and adoption across your organization.

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Indepndently versioned components allow you to pick and choose the components you need. No meaningless dependencies. No risky upgrades.

Auto-generated documentaiton and previews for every component, out of the box

Encourage contributions with a clear and simple way to suggest changes to components, from any project


3. Micro Frontends

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Build and maintain micro frontends with Bit, enabling teams to work independently and deploy changes without affecting other parts of the application.

With Bit, MFE components can be integrated in build-time or run-time, the choice is yours.


Maintain a consistent UX with shared components that are easy to update and maintain

Maintain consistent development standards with shared development environments

Expand the possibilities of build-time integration with Bit's tooling


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4. Visual Editors

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Share your UI components with designers and other stakeholders using visual editors. Allow them to explore components and their variations, and provide feedback using Bit Platform.


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5. Shared types, Schema Validators and SDKs

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Share types, mock data, schema validators, and SDKs across different projects and teams to provide a consistent and reliable API, reduce errors, and improve developer experience.

Allow teams to work independently and in parallel, without waiting for each other.


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6. Microservices

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Build composable microservices as Bit Components. Share and sync code between services.

Enjoy an excellent DevX with a component dependency graph that helps you understand your system and the impact of changes.

Test your services in isolation or in the context of the full system, in your local dev environment or in the cloud.


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7. Serverless Functions

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Build and share serverless functions as Bit components. Share and sync code between functions.


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8. Composable Infrastructure as Code

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Break the monolithic Infrastructure-as-Code (IoC) into reusable Bit components.

Enjoy an excellent DevX with a component dependency graph that correlates to your infrastructure. Understand your system and the impact of changes.

Test your platform components in isolation or in the context of the full system, in your local dev environment or in the cloud.


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9. Fluid Software Development Strategies

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Should you go for a monorepo or a poly-repo? Should you use a monorepo solution better suited for managing integrated applications or one that is better suited for managing libraries and publishing packages?

Bit can be used to implement any architecture and transform “fatal” decisions that seem too hard to change into decisions that are easy to make and change.


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10. Build and Assemble Fullstack Feature Components

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Build and share fullstack feature components that include frontend and backend.


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These are just a few examples of what you can build with Bit. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination. If you have any questions or need help getting started, feel free to reach out to us on Slack.

For conclusion, you're invited to explore this composable fullstack React application built with Bit: