Importing lanes

A component, even when in a lane, has its own history. It means that you can import a single, or a set of components, from a lane and focus your work. No need to import an entire lane to evaluate or submit a small change.
The changes you apply and snap for the imported components are logged to the lane, for you to export back.

To import components from a lane you need to first switch your workpsace to the remote lane:

bit lane switch myorg.myscope/my-lane

Once your workspace is checked out on a lane, import a single component from a lane, head over to the remote scope, find the lane and component, and copy the import action. It should look something like this:

bit import

This way you can import specific components from a lane, work on them, focus your work, and export only relevant items back to the remote scope, in the lane.

Import an entire lane

Import a lane and all its components with a single action:

bit lane switch myorg.myscope/my-lane --get-all