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Bit makes all your components accessible in the cloud to build software faster

Bit’s component platform helps software development teams discover and organize the components of their projects, use and develop them anywhere, and collaborate to build new features and products faster with less overhead.

Cloud component hosting
Bit provides hosting for your components in the cloud so that they can be easily accessed and used in any of your projects. With Bit, you can build new features and products with full access to all the components written by your team, organization and the community.
Component discoverability
Bit organizes your components and makes them all discoverable to find and use. Bit’s components search engine and features such as auto-parsed docs, unit-test results, and even UI component rendering, all combine to create a universal experience for discovering and choosing the best components to build with.
Develop and sync from any project
Components shared with Bit can be installed with NPM, but also imported into any project for further development. With Bit, any component can be developed from different projects simultaneously so your whole team can play to build faster, collaborate, suggest updates and stay in sync.
Bit’s package registry
Components shared with Bit are automatically made available to install as packages from Bit’s Node.js registry and can even be consumed using Artifactory. This means you can make any part from of any JS repository available to install as a package in just a few seconds without having to split projects or refactor a single line of code.
Component versioning and updates
Bit syncs components across your codebase with updates on components changes and new versions, while leveraging a Git integration to easily merge component changes between projects. Bit makes it easier than ever to collaborate, control changes, understand dependencies and learn who’s using which component in which project.
Isolated component build & test
Bit’s component-environment allows it to build and test every component in isolation, using any build/test environment. With Bit, you can be 100% sure that a component is ready to run in other projects before using it, while per-component test results also help you understand how the component works and decide when to update new versions.
Isolated component environment
Bit wraps every component with an isolated environment and analyzes its entire dependency graph so that it can be used, built, tested and even developed from other projects. For example, components written in typescript can be used and developed in a project written in flow-typed.
Team collaboration
Imagine building a few Lego castles with a joint box of pieces. Bit helps you organize your building blocks on the cloud and collaborate to build new applications and products faster. While the whole team can play, control remains in your hands with organizations permissions, dashboard, and advanced privacy settings.
Integrations & Extensions
Bit extends Git’s workflow to track components sourced in different projects and merge changes between them.
Bit integrates with NPM so that every component can be installed using your native NPM/Yarn client from Bit’s Node.js registry.
Extend Bit
Bit is open source and can be easily extended to enhance your component development workflow.