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Share components between projects to build faster together
Bit helps your team develop, share and sync components across your projects from development to production.
Easily share and manage components across teams and apps
Bit lets you instantly isolate and export hundreds of components without refactoring, and helps you easily share, develop and manage them at any scale.
Make your components discoverable
Bit makes it easy to organize and find components. Search for components using plain English, and find results from your network and the community. Don't write code twice.
Quickly learn and choose components
Bit helps you learn how components work in seconds. Play with components online in a live playground, and learn how to use them with simple and automatic API docs.
Full CI cycle for every component
Bit runs a full CI cycle for every component you export, including the component build steps and unit-testing. View the status at any moment from the web or your CLI, and safely roll updates to production.
Choose your consumption tools
Found a useful component? install it in your project using your favorite package manager, or use Bit to import its source code into your project's context for further development.
Unlock the cross-project workflow for shared components
Bit brings together source code management and full control over your component's dependency graph. The result is a limitless workflow for developing, updating and syncing components across your entire codebase. Give it a go.
Extend and integrate
Easily integrate Bit to your Git, GitHub, NPM and Yarn workflow.
Extend Bit to work with Babel, Webpack, Jest, Mocha and much more.
Enjoy dozens of pre-made extensions, or write your own. Bit is open source: Contribute, suggest issues or features and collaborate with the community.
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