Sharing Types Between Your Frontend and Backend Applications

Your backend API has been updated to return data of a new type. The frontend team must be informed to update accordingly. What would you do if you had dozens of frontend apps that are consuming this API? Bit simplifies your life by creating a centralized "entity" component.

nitsan77011 months ago

How to build a composable blog

Creating a blog from scratch requires quite a lot. We created a reusable, extendable Blog component that you can use to create your own blog compositions. Here, we show you how to get up and running with our Starter blog.

sunilsandhu1 year ago

Extendable UIs: How to build better UIs for developers

In this blog post, we will talk about the ability to design UI components that are extendable. You will see how we have built the blog component this website uses to be extendable.

nitsan7701 year ago